...of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.

ANTEDILUVIA is a consideration of the world before the global flood of Noah’s time and the implications of that period on the world’s history relative to our present time.

Topics, among others, are expected to include:

  • the Creator;
  • the structure and order of creation;
  • the age of the universe;
  • the heavenly hosts;
  • Adam and Eve and life in the Garden of Eden before the Fall;
  • the attack on the First Parents;
  • the consequences of the Fall;
  • earth’s physiogeography, climate and ecology before the Flood;
  • the “sons of god” and their Nephilim offspring;
  • possible roots for mythology in the realities of the pre-flood world;
  • development of technology from the Garden of Eden to the Flood;
  • increasing sinfulness in the world before the Flood;
  • biblical references to and teachings about the Flood beyond Genesis;
  • the events of the Flood; and,
  • the Flood’s aftermath.

Updates will be made as possible.

In addition to the above, Antediluvia is intended to serve as a means of promoting a fictional novel “New Country,” which is hoped to be the first of a series of novels under the banner “Tales of Antediluvia.” New Country was written with the prayerful intention of crafting a representation (again, fictional) of life on earth in the time between the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and the event of the Flood.

The point of New Country, and the Tales of Antediluvia that follow (Lord willing), is to advocate a biblical creationist world view through stories that, hopefully, make the reader contemplate/imagine what life was like in the real pre-flood world, and thus foster an appreciation for the truth of the Genesis account of our beginnings. Granted – promoting a book can seem merely self-serving and financially-oriented; however, the purpose of New Country, and the innumerable hours behind it, was and is to glorify the Creator and to advocate for a right relationship with God. Whether the novel itself is any good is for the reader to decide. I hope I’ve written a decent action-adventure story that proves a good read. There are many aspects of the story about which I expect folks will disagree – not the least being the representation of the “ben-elohiym” (sons of god) and their giant offspring the Nephilim.  How humans lived contemporaneously with dinosaurs will likely be another objection for some. Whatever one’s opinion of the elements of the story (or my capability as an author), I pray that New Country prompts continued and fresh dialogue about our sovereign Lord, His Creation, and our responsibilities before God. Including, and above all, acknowledging Jesus Christ as Savior.